Hello, my name is Lalita

The stories we tell are the threads that weave our reality

my story

Meet me

My deepest passion in life is to bask in the many colours, shapes and emotions of existence. To empower people to be their most magical, present and authentic version of themselves, to experience life moment to moment.

Growing up in Sweden i was living with an abusive parent that taught me to be ok with being treated inhumanly. That in fact it was my place to be of service to the needs of others and to be as passive as possible as a girl/woman. To take the pain given with a smile and a “thank you”.

This lead me into being very depressed in a young age and i developed a self harm syndrome to cope with the pain.

When i was 17 i went through a huge transformation of self realisation with the help of coaching from some of the masters. This lead me to wake up and fully understand that no matter my history, my future was dependent on ME and only me.
That how I was moving with the present moment decided where I was heading in life. This is when I realised my magic and power to create. I start my journey of freedom to dance to the beat of my own heart.

Breaking free from fear and hopelessness i was now choosing which people got to enter my life and who did not. Now as the creator of my own destiny and life i realised that all the misery i had been living, Which almost killed me countless times over was my own, and now also mine to change.

Things very fast took a turn from grey and dark to a world full of color and pleasure. I would break free from relations that harmed me and i created surrounding of beautiful beings that would uplift me and encourage my shine. I learned to embrace my fierce feminine in all her magic. Taking consistent action to live my best version with mindfulness, mediation and lifestyle practices, life became a game that was fun to play and no longer felt rigged for me to lose.

Since then i have discover so many layers of existence and the wisdom that lies within. Through studying life, practicing my truth and finding guidance through coaches. I am grateful to be on the journey i am on today and even more so to now get to inspire others along the way

my offerings

My Work

I have now inhaled and embodied many different ways of practice. Traveling India and Australia, through mindfulness studies and ancient ceremonial practices, breathing techniques and teachings of quantum physics, chakra healing and mind re-programming with psychological methods, tantra, movement and so much more.
All of these tools are great, but as everything non of them are for everybody.
Going through these methods I have found my own tools and ways of working. And I discovered a few fundamental stepping stones that are crucial for a successful shift in your life.


Only YOU can do it, but NO one can do it alone. Creating encouraging surroundings is absolutely necessary, we become as we surround ourself. Wisdom passed through others will gain you a lot along the way. For me it was reading and listening to people that have discovered something i wanted and through personal coaching


Taking action, one of the most challenging things to do when realising your life needs a makeover is taking the actions required to do so, this is where guidance will be incredibly helpful and can save you a lot of time, energy and mistakes along the way


ONE STEP AT A TIME, small changes in habits will eventually turn to big changes in lifestyle, just keep moving!


Today i work mostly in person at Retreats, Workshops and Festivals.
I use breathing, mediation, movement, dance and connection exercises to tap into our heart and spirit creating shifts in our consciousness.
I also run women circles where we tap into our sacred FEMININE magic, and embody our powerful core of authentic expression allowing us to be fully present showing up in our full POWER

you are welcome to contact me!